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Grand Opening Celebration

There's only one thing we love as much as we love yoga... PARTIES!!! And we are having an EPIC Bash!

Ditch your yoga pants for your party pants because this is a GIANT Appreciation Celebration honoring YOU!! Our EPIC People who have joined our grassroots movement of Empowering People Inspiring Change

We've got:

* Live Music

* Food and Drinks

* Opening Blessing by Alicia McNaughton

* An EPIC Give Back Event with our Local Foundation: The Positive Vibe Warriors

* Crystal Exchange! (Bring a crystal of your own to swap for another to take home)

* Social Crafts

* EPIC Raffle Items from:

~ EPIC Yoga

~ Stance

~ Album

~ The Holistic Mystic


~ Libre Tequila

~ Lorri Walker Psychic, Medium, Healer

~ My Holistic Chef

~ Ethica

~ Urban Decay

~ Fun for the Kids

~ And. So. Much. More.

Bring your Mom, your yoga buddy, your kids, your Guru and your Grandma! This EPIC Grand Opening Celebration is for YOU!


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