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Molly's EPIC Post-Workout Smoothie

In our blog, “What Should I Eat Before Yoga?” Molly McMillin shared with us that she loves to have a delicious post-workout smoothie! We reached out to her to see what makes this smoothie so yummy and perfect for some post-workout fuel.

Here is Molly’s EPIC Post-Workout Smoothie:

1/2 Banana

Handful frozen Strawberries/Blueberries

*Option for frozen peaches*

Handful of spinach

Tbsp Greek Yogurt

Tsp Chia Seeds

Tsp Flaxseed Meal

Splash of Almond Milk

*Option for Coconut Oil or Peanut Butter for added fat*

Mmm.. anyone else ready to try out this recipe?!

It’s important to refuel your body with healthy proteins and fats after burning calories in a workout. This smoothie provides these healthy essentials and yummy fruits to refuel your muscles for healthy recovery.

Are you often on the go post-workout? Using a Mason Jar and a metal straw are great ways to bring your smoothie on the go and reduce the amount of plastic waste. Another great way to meal-prep smoothies is to pre-measure some of your ingredients (frozen fruit and healthy greens) and place in a container in the freezer. Then all you have to do is toss it in the blender with your liquid of choice and protein powder!

We hope this recipe and these smoothie tips inspired you to always refuel your body post-workout.

Thanks, Molly for sharing your EPIC Smoothie with us!

Recipe by:Molly McMillin

Written by: Elyssa Schultheiss


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