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What Should I Eat Before Yoga?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Have you ever wondered what the best food to eat before a Vinyasa class is? I know I have! It can feel like a lot of guesswork to figure out what works best for your body but it doesn’t have to feel that way! If you have ever wondered what the best thing to eat before a yoga class is, we have too. We asked some of our EPIC teachers what they fuel their body with before class.

If you have ever wondered what the best thing to eat before a yoga class is, look no further! We asked a few of our EPIC Yoga teachers this question: What is your favorite thing to eat before a Vinyasa class? Or what do you recommend to others? (Think a mid-morning class around 9:30 or 11). 

Here are the foods our EPIC Yoga Instructors like to eat before class:

Ryan McNaughton:

“Double cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake! Just kidding.

If I knew I was going to go to a mid morning class I would have a smoothie for breakfast or maybe a breakfast bar and a piece of fruit. I would stay away from anything heavy or something with a good amount of fiber. If I know I am going to an evening class I put off dinner until after class. I enjoy practicing and teaching when I am not full.” 

We take this as a dare, Ryan. Let’s see how many Chaturangas you can actually do on a stomach full of cheeseburgers, fries, and a shake! Kidding, kidding… All joking aside, the idea of having a smoothie or a breakfast bar before class is a great tip for anyone who feels like they need some more substance before class. Thanks, Ryan! 

Jamie responded that she loves to have “a mango or a green juice. Something really easy to digest.”

Along the same lines of Ryan, Jamie suggests that keeping it light is the best way to go. You don’t want your focus to be on digesting rather than what is occurring in your body on the mat. Thanks, Jamie! 

Molly replied, “My go-to before 6am teaching/taking is half banana. Enough carbs and

natural sugar to get me moving for an hour but not so much that a) my tummy feels uncomfortable or b) I lose energy trying to digest my food rather than focusing mind +

muscle groups. Before a late morning class, if I have ample time to digest… oatmeal + peanut butter + banana + flax seeds! Or if I’m on the go, a quick piece of fruit for that healthy carb kick. Knowing my personal dosha (pitta/fire) I run hot. So I like to keep that in mind if I know I’m about to sweat—avoiding overly hot/spicy pre-workout fuel. For example, one of my go-to breakfasts is scrambled eggs with fresh salsa or Tapatio. But if I’m about to work my body, that’s a guaranteed recipe for heartburn or extra heat that I don’t necessarily need. Post workout fuel of choice: Vega Protein Smoothie (vanilla). 100% plant-based + 100% delish. Last thing: down 8-12 oz. of water BEFORE/INSTEAD of guzzling coffee first thing in the morning. Your bowels will be oh-so-grateful.”

Such helpful information here about understanding your body and what works best for you. Thanks, Molly! 

Bree responded, “When I have an avocado or toast with almond butter and honey before yoga I feel full enough yet not over full. When I have dairy products, like yogurt, that can leave an unsettled feeling in my tummy and it may come back up while in inversions. And 1-2 cups of coffee is purely for enjoyment and I love to have it each morning while I wake up.” Such great advice about keeping it light and healthy. Thanks, Bree! 

Jasmine likes to eat “an Acai bowl or some fresh fruit” before class.

Along the similar lines as the other instructors, something light and easy to digest is the best option. A light option allows your mind to arrive on the mat and stay present during your practice.

Understanding your body is the common theme of all of these answers. What feels best when you show up in your body on the mat? The answer to that question might vary every single day but continue to ask what your body needs and fuel accordingly. Every body is unique and every day is unique. Fuel your body with what feels good!

So, who wants to join me for a cheeseburger and fries before class?! I may or may not be kidding...

Written by: Elyssa Schultheiss


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