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Time for some positive change.
Time for some community connection.
Time for some goodness.YOU.


It’s time for us to shine a spotlight on those in our neighborhood who are making real change for good, in a time when we need it most. And we want to hear about these extraordinary individuals from YOU.

You might recall our Choose Your Changemaker campaign from last year, where we happily gifted a YEAR of free yoga to the person you voted for who most embodied what we stand for:


Empowering People Inspiring Change.


And we are back to do it again!

We would like to ask this community to lift up anyone you know who is doing this work. Tell us who is empowering equality and representation, who is inspiring others to lead with love, who is putting collective needs first, who is a tangible example of the heart + humanity necessary to keep moving the world and all of its inhabitants forward to better.

Here’s a chance for some fresh, encouraging air. Here’s an opportunity to focus on compassion during discord. Here’s a way for us to see the good happening in our little neighborhood.

Y’all ready to shine some light?! Here’s how:

1. DM us on IG @epicgyoasc OR email at with:
- Nominee Name
- Photo
- A Brief description of your EPIC Changemaker nomination
Let us know how this individual empowers, inspires and represents humanity, compassion and change.
- One nomination per person only

2. All nominations must be submitted by SUNDAY 10/11. EPIC Yoga management will review all nominations before advancement.

3. Nominees will then be featured here and on our website for the community to learn more about the individuals, with the consent of those being nominated. Then, voting will begin!

4. Voting will be anonymous and done privately, through our website.

5. Finally, based on YOUR collective votes, our new EPIC Changemaker will be announced and ONE YEAR OF FREE YOGA will be gifted!

We encourage our EPIC family to approach this effort with respect, consideration and open hearts. Please don’t hesitate to spread the word and get your friends and family involved. The more light we can all shine on the changemakers around us the better!


EPIC Yoga Choose Your Changemaker 2020.j
EPIC Yoga Nominations 2020.jpg


Lauren Harvey!


Meet Lauren (and Coco!). 👋🏼 


Lauren is a sweet, sincere, strong, supportive, empowered/empowering woman that I have had the pleasure to get to know through our shared second home at EPIC.

Her bright light always shines whenever I interact with her -- in class, over coffee, even just a kind text. And I have been so stoked to watch as she continues to shine her light on others. FOR others. For the betterment of this community and for the future of compassion + empowerment.

This is why I am nominating her as an #EPICchangemaker.


Lauren lifts people up, bottom line.


She gives full-hearted birthday cards to people she barely knows. For this card-giver, it was love at first card.

She is a fitness coach for new moms at @fit4mom_southoc_sc, guiding mamas back to a physical practice of strength, confidence and support.

She is embarking on her empowered yoga teacher training journey with @jamiehansonyoga to further her practice + commit to her purpose.

She JUST announced her business platform @empowered.postpartum, where she will bring mamas together to learn, love and thrive in the face of postpartum challenges.


She’s even starting to host her first group classes at @collectiveenergyyoga, check it out!

She is a strong mother to little independent spirit Coco, the sweetest little nugget who has the hearts of all of us at EPIC. She even brings her out to get involved in debate nights!

Lauren is committed to honoring her passions, living her purpose + doing the work in order to create positive impact in the world around her.



You might not even know any of these things after a chat with her, because she is so humble and grounded. But behind that sweet smile is a drive, a fire, a heart that is pushing to affect change in the best ways possible.

So. @laurenaharvey, consider yourself officially nominated for @epicyogasc’s #EPICchangemaker, girl. You are an inspiration, you are seen and you are so appreciated. I can’t wait to watch you continue to lift up this community, this WORLD. We need more yous out there doing the damn thang!

Here’s to you, Lauren. ✊🏼💛 ... And, hopefully, to a year of free yoga!

Nominated by Molly McMillin (@molly_tamale)

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