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Empowering People Inspiring Change

Our name says it all! EPIC is so much more than a yoga community. We are a tribe of do-gooders seeking to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. 

Stay tuned into our Give Back, Do Good page for all of our SEVA, aka Selfless Service, events. These include donation drives, charity events, and so many more empowering ways to influence change.  

Current SEVA Events

Feminine Hygiene Drive

Accepting Donations Through 3/22

Feminine hygiene kits.png


  • Tampons

  • Pads

  • Pantyliners

  • Feminine Wipes

  • Small Tissue Packs

  • Small Hand Sanitizers


Let's Talk Period Poverty

Period poverty is: "the inability to purchase or have access to period products." 

16.9 MILLION menstruating in
dividuals in the United States live in poverty, making them choose between essentials, like food, and period products. 

The result? These individuals have to miss work or school due to limited access to proper period supplies. - Huh?! That's just crazy talk! 

This Is Where YOU Come In!

From now till 3/22, we're accepting donations to create feminine hygiene kits. We're counting on YOU to make a meaningful difference.  

Feminine hygiene kits.png

Simply drop off your donations in the designated bin at the studio, and the items will be made into kits and delivered directly to Empower women here in our very own San Clemente community. 

Let's make that bin OVER-FLOW!!

Don't have time to stop into the studio? Just Venmo!

Use the link below and put "Feminine Hygiene Drive" OR the products you'd like to donate in the description. Then we'll pick up the supplies FOR YOU!


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