Yoga takes time and effort and is impossible to learn in one day. In this comprehensive four-week course we will cover the major yoga postures, breathing techniques, and much more! For the beginner this is the best way to acquire the fundamentals of alignment and breathing for specific postures, and to build a relationship with your body.

This ancient method is 99% practice and 1% theory, which is why we are offering this 4 week comprehensive course designed to fill the gaps between beginning and general classes.

This course is for the brand new yogi or the yogi who is looking to refine their practice and unlearn any bad habits they may have picked up.

Week 1 - Sunday 1/5 | 11am-12:15pm | Standing asana

Week 2 - Sunday 1/12 | 11am-12:15pm | Forward bending

Week 3 - Sunday 1/19 | 11am-12:15pm | Back bending 

Week 4 - Sunday 1/26 | 11am-12:15pm | Twisting



w/ Courtney Dillon


We hear “Trust your intuition,” all the time. Yet, few of us actually spend time learning to harness this gift in a practical, reliable way.


In this experiential workshop, we will explore what this phrase actually means. Learn practical tools to help you live your life in alignment with what your soul is telling you!

You will come away with clear, actionable steps to help you live your life on purpose!



DATE: Saturday, February 1




w/ Nichole Ferro, Lisa Saremi + Mariah Vlach

This monthly circle is a sacred space for women to interweave ritual and ceremony, deepen connection, awaken to our cyclical nature and breathe life.  

Now is the time for us to rise together and come into union with ourselves and each other through love, not war. 

All sisters are invited!

DATE: Saturday, February 8

TIME: 7- 9pm



with Alan Hostetter

Give your mind and body the time it needs, the time it craves, to rejuvenate, repair and heal. Imagine immersing yourself in a “bath” of soothing sound and vibrations that take you on an inner voyage - drifting through states of peace, stillness, and bliss. Pure magic happens within our minds and bodies in these deep states of rest.


Alan will use specific breathing techniques along with a variety of ancient healing instruments, including gongs, didgeridoos, singing bowls, chimes and flutes to gently guide you to this enchanted place.

***Lavender hand towels will be provided as eye masks (if you choose to cover your eyes during the session). One bolster and blanket will also be provided; however, participants are encouraged to bring their favorite pillows and/or blankets for maximum comfort. ***


DATE: Saturday, February 29

TIME: 6:30-8PM

INVESTMENT: $30 pre-register / $40 day of

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